Thanks for enquiring about demo production. Here are some answers to common questions on the process.

What is a demo?

A demo is a fully produced version of your song that you can pitch to a publisher or artist. Its purpose is to give them an idea of what your song sounds like fully produced. It's different from a master in that less time is dedicated to all the phases of production. Records fit for commercial release are very expensive, demos on the other hand serve to give the listener a good idea of the song's potential without them having to use their imagination too much!

What do I need to send you?

All I need is lyrics and a scratch recording of the song ( a version recorded on an iPhone is perfect) and I can do the rest.

Do I retain the rights to my song?

Yes, you retain all of the rights to your song except for the master rights (see below).

Can I release this demo recording to iTunes/Spotify/Radio?

No. A demo cannot be released commercially. This means it cannot be used on Radio/TV/Online Distributors. If you want to release a demo you must obtain a release form from the vocalist and producer.

How long is your turnaround time?

At the moment my turnaround time is around 2 weeks per demo. If it's going to take any longer than that I will always let you know ahead of time.

How do I pay for my demo?

Payment is required before production begins and can be made via PayPal or buy purchasing through my website

Can you make modifications to the completed demo?

I offer two rounds of mix adjustments. Adjustments include volume changes, effect changes and minor edits. If you would like a part re-tracked this constitutes a major edit and will incur an extra charge of £30 per hour.

Can you write music to my lyrics?

Yes, I have written music to lyrics for several clients. Please get in touch to discuss.